Whetting Industry���s Taste For Alternative Drying Methods

It's been several years now since I first gave volume one a read and now having just completed the whole series in one giant marathon, I'm wondering why I haven't read this sooner. It's one of the best action manga I've ever read. The art is gorgeous, the action is clean and easy to follow, and Alita is a great heroine. I even love the old 90's feel sci-fi setting. One of the things I particularly appreciated about the characterization in this series is that the artist didn't go out of his way to further sexualize Alita. She was a strong heroine, but still very feminine, without focusing on her tits and panties. I get a little tired of picking up action series for guys with female leads and having much of the focus zooming in on their chests and asses. Battle Angel totally avoids that trap and for that I'm grateful. Another thing I liked was how the passage of time was handled. This series takes place over several years and it feels like it. Alita herself grows up a lot, and the world/characters around her change as well. My only small complaint is that the ending is a little rushed. I would have liked to see more of Tiphares and how it worked especially. Despite that, I was satisfied with how it ended and am a little leary of picking up the reboot, Last Order, because I'm afraid of it going off the rails. So, I think I'm just goin to stick with the original so not to poison my impression of this excellent series.

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